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How should I take care of my Marble countertops?

Even though marble is a beautiful, durable, and excellent material for countertops, it requires special cleaning and maintenance!

☝🏻 It has a low resistance to acids and is more susceptible to scratches, stains, and cracks than granite.

☝🏻 Use a big cutting board and/or plastic or silicone protective sheet when cooking on a marble countertop and wipe up any spills immediately. These measures are required to avoid the interaction of acidic foods and liquids, e.g.citruses, wine, vinegar, tomatoes, and others, with the countertop. We recommend using a trivet for hot pans and coasters for glasses and plates and cleaning the countertop immediately after each meal.

☝🏻Clean the dust weekly with a soft microfiber cloth and use PH neutral cleaners for natural stone countertops or mild dish soap when doing the wet cleaning. Never use abrasive cleaners or those based on acids.

Even though our experts provide detailed maintenance instructions after the installation of a stone countertop, you can always contact us for further consultation. We will help you keep your marble countertops as beautiful and shiny as new!

How should I take care of my Marble countertops?