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The most imperial stone in the world: Marble has been used for ages to elevate the beauty of spaces💎
The qualities marble is adorned with are:

⭐️ Lustrous – the gleamingly polished surface of marble can permeate a luxurious appearance to your space. It has a translucent property and is known as the ‘shining stone.’

⭐️ Weather Resistant – one of the amazing qualities of marble is that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and this makes it a suitable stone for exterior application.

⭐️ Robust – the sturdiness of marble is matchless. It can hold out against high pressure and is resistant to breaking.

⭐️ Versatility – marble is a versatile stone. It can be cut into different dimensions and sizes to give shape to some beautiful installations and decors.

⭐️ Hypoallergenic – marble has low porosity. It cannot collect allergens or hold stain odors and this makes it hypoallergenic.

⭐️ Easy Maintenance – marble stone is easy to maintain. A sealant is recommended though, as once sealed it becomes less porous and can be easily cleaned up.

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Marble stone