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Design Tip 1️⃣: Tone on Tone

There’s certainly something to be said for an all-white kitchen design. This pristine look, when well-maintained, presents a clean, fresh appearance that can make your kitchen the most attractive room in your home. Unfortunately, it can also seem a bit sterile when there’s no variation.

So, with a warmer, creamier granite, featuring dimensional patterns, you’ll not only break up the space, but also add visual interest that creates a more playful and welcoming ambiance.

Design Tip 2️⃣: Make it Pop with Contrast

Pairing white countertops and cabinets is a no-brainer. The look is timeless and presents a clean, open space to your guests. However, you might want a bit more drama in your design, and this can easily be accomplished by turning up the dial on contrast.
In other words, you might want to try pairing white granite countertops with darker cabinets.

Design Tip 3️⃣: Warm vs. Cool Hues

With granite, you’ll find a wide range of lighter tones to choose from, with samples that are just a touch off white, to those that have cooler, gray tones, to creams and even golden hues that really warm up your space.
When it comes to your overall design, a good place to start might be by deciding if you want to lean toward the cool or warm end of the spectrum. This could help to determine what you pair with your countertops.